A new age of window shopping

I can see this coming to High Wycombe. just when? – Pop up mobile stores are the way to shop | The Wall Blog http://ow.ly/g0JtG

Gone of the time of simple window shopping. Following the link above, shows how multitouch screens on windows is effective in attracting engagement. This is great because   it lets people see the product, buy it and experience something new. The way they can create a basket and share with their friends easily will produce a social norm of window shopping. The video of the sample in Germany was mainly shot at night, this bring another point that trade can be produced even after closing times. This is where the internet and high street shopping bridge the gap? im not sure but will help for people still out in the town. Another thought crosses my mind one year from now still with drunken episodes, but this time after a night out im walking back home and I see a GAP store with NFC ‘Buy our clothes from the window!’… Ding Dong 9am the next morning a nice delivery.

Delivery timing is interesting, The weekly shop is still big, would be lovely to have it all delivered off within a reasonable time scale. The Article above also has a connection to the placement of the NFC, like train stations this all needs to link to the target audience  lifestyle.

I will write a more in-depth analysis of this technology and inspiring ways…


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