Skills Needed

When asking people within the advertising industry what kind of person do need to be? What kind of person are they looking for? The main response is, people hire people. This is fair, but people have a template in their mind of what they are looking for, what tick boxes do HR and head of departments look for.

Commitment is a interesting word in this modern day. In contrast to Generation X or earlier where they could join a middle to large company and have a stable job where they can take the steps up to the top. Unfortunately now this is not the chase, us as students are regularly told to make sure ‘you have a plan of where you will be each year of your career, expect to change every 4-5 years.’ What does this come down to, is there a natural employee turn over because of clients need new ideas, inovation from new talent joining the clients team… Many factors. All i know that i will make sure i am well diverse to work in many different working environments.

Lateral ( linking ideas) thinkers
This links to Belbins team roles (link) modle that I classed as an ‘Plant’ Creative, imaginative, free-thinking. Generates ideas and solves difficult problems. This nicely links to Lateral thinking, to relate to the advertising/communications industry I find interesting ways to promote brands that other people my suffer to think of ways to promoteFor example I have some ideas of how to make toast a more social experience. A piece of toast isnt just a burnt slice or bread its a canvass of artwork! What is a campaign was created to send in there toast artwork through hashtagging #BRANDartwork . Also a simple integration of other Marcoms, low cost and UGC that can be used as engagement.

Confident in what you believe.Confidence is what everyone looks for, natural way of developing as a person. This will come when practice and experience take over. With this confidence of what Is known like facts and figures, the belief will sine through. Some people like ‘Back bones’ this is surely needed within this industry, if a person can state their chase on pure reason insight and understanding this will shine through. 

‘Not easily dispelled or discouraged; persisting in existence or in a course of action: “a tenacious legend”. This quality is needed within the work place, so its key during an job interview this personality trate is shining through.

Great communicator
As the a fundamental part of marketing is communication between people, an understanding of how people work, exchanged information and so much more on a range of in-depth levels.

Within this modern connected world we as marketers do not fully grasp how people use these different channels of communications, the context that they lie in are missed. This understanding clients are looking for in a marcoms teams. I believe a greater understanding how different channels are used will help to create more engaging content.

Thrive under pressure– (without exploding)
As much of communication is now Direct quick response with social media the dealing with proactive and reative situations. BP, BBC, MP’s the list goes on….

Articulate about beliefs and ideas
Everyone has been brought up on these interpretational factors towards life, its how we use these for happiness and fulfillness.

Passionate (about communications)
With ever rising retirement ages a job that gets you out of bed in the morning is a no brainier. Anyone ask me in 2 years time ‘What gets you up in the morning’ I will still have the same answer, “Everything inspires me” from traditional print, to the effectiveness of viral videos, how products are designed made and produced and even the people that make them.. My passion is how these elements are all connected together with Marketing communications.

Team players
Everyone likes a team player, because they are a good listeners. They know how to bring out the strengths of the team. These skills are developed in a very quick education environment with the range of abilities within teams. When places in a professional environment when roles are established based on strengths this is when a team can fully flourish.

An example of a team player was Vanessa Fox worked at Google where she spoke to different departments to really undertand what they do then in turn makes it easier to communicate ideas and empathy with their thinking. (Pioneers of Digital 2012 by Paul Springer & Mel Carson) (link)

Commercially aware
Business minded and always looking for and spotting an opportunity. A good example of this might be spotting when a related produce of service can be offered. Maybe a products with a different type of advertising medium, can give the same audience a different experance enhancing the brand in a another light.


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