Small boxes can mean big things

Being an early adopter of many different social media instagram being my favorite seeing that boom. But The Fancy letting users share items and ‘Fancy’ them and now buy items on the website. The website has a nice slick feel to it, easy navigation and features to search by colour. Which is always nice for people that are looking to match their home items or clothes the same colour.

In the early stages of The fancy’s development they added the feature of buying items within the store. This is great, letting people find all these interesting items they love in one place and buy in one place. Also adding ‘badges’ to the site, these are like stickers that followers can gain for ‘Fancying’ a number of items. Usually they give the user a 10% off next purchase. Works quite well.

What’s in the Fancy box that always rocks? Fancy box is a subscription based box costing $39 USD (₤24.69) Each box includes $80.00+ of products in the categories of the subscribers choice. This medium size box is packing some weight, really appealing to the younger audience with novelty items like iphone cases, stickers, mugs… really good for showing off.

Away from the mugs, the box has taken another direction, letting well established brands like ‘Pink’ the artist have her own box. The box is of ‘The Coolest Products Hand-Picked By Pink Every Month. This following is great from fan, the interaction that spins of the box where friends can share their items, ‘saying look what Pink fancied and put in here box’ This can be shared on facebook, Pinned on pinterest or even the box could be reviews on Youtube.

Other brands have taken this up including Ashton Kutcher ‘I am curating the dopest stuff on Fancy. Only the A+ stuff will be in this box.’ and also Japanese Rapper known as Verbal with his own box.

Whats the next level, what could take this further. Well maybe David Beckham for example, the amount of sponsors and brands associated with his brand (H&M, Adidas, burger king [maybe not burger king] but all the football gear) this can open up another channel fo communication that agencies can use.  If the subscribers of the box are channeled to review, share the items within the box, this would this create more engagement, more word of mouth marketing.

The Fancy Box


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