Social Media Week: Engagement marketing #smwctct

Traditional model = Find -> convert -> Keep

New model = Find more -> Keep

Exisisting customer are more likely to engage, this might be sharing their experience with others. This is used as a referral currency. These repeat customers spend 76% more with that business  So let us make smarter campaigns not only to target new customers (usually the target audience) but the excising customers.

Open -> wow experience -> entice -> engaging = revisits + Shares -> Social visibility = New prospects -> Open….

When getting customers data, use options like email subscribe but make sure there is a opt in option because it lasts longer then the data protection act.

Using social media, its always good to tweet about everything like content on facebook or the positives of reading ‘our‘ blog. Facebook is great for asking questions because it provokes great response. The customers story is much stronger.

The format for the header links should try to stay in the same format of the newsletter, makes it easy for customers to find content quicker. This is used a lot during clothing brands like ASOS easy jump to men clothing, contact details.

Because of the frequently of social media there needs to be a positive message but told in different working in a positive way.

With any campaign always good to research into the sector relevant bodies. I will have a blog post on the main industry bodies in the near future exploring who they are, their influence on the sector, how future minded and examples of their research/case studies.

The blog used is another area of rich content, its a hook that catches people it captivates and social media is the contact line. Social media campaigns are 80% relationship and 20% business. For a creative campaign the content not suitable for traditional advertising, can be used as content for the digital media. Just another form of content stream, it would lower the cost of loss for that original media.

Another tip for engagement is to ask people to ‘take a photo or upload videos to Vine, (future blog post on that coming) instagram or facebook. If your happy with the product’ This does two things, shows that your brand is on these new channels of communications and that two way conversation/feedback is building that relationship with the customers that provides extra data.

Do you want my small paper card?

Being a student meeting guest speakers, traveling to events trying to build contacts. Im always reminded that ‘Its not what you know, its who you know in the industry’. But building this relationship and getting the contact through this old system of business cards.

These credit card shaped objects are a little old school. This is because its easy and simple just hand over a card and theres my information. But whats cons with this, you still have to type it out and add the contact manually. Also you could loose the card easily, drop it in the street that information is out in the public.

So what can be done? Simple us of secure data transfer simple and quick. Bump is an app for Iphone and Android that lets people share photos, files and contacts most importantly. If this app became more publicly mainstream, people at events could easily share contacts within seconds.

But if you like the old school business cards, check out some of these really initiative business cards. Warning! may question your own business cards ability to show your creativity. Here

My favorite business cards

How about another app ‘CamCard‘ this app lets you take a photo of the business card and it will add it to your address book. Also with cloud sync compatibility, these means no chance of loosing it with online backups.  Worth a little look if you have an smartphone.