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Brand extension

Monopoly The Godfather Edition Board Game, This is where my blogs starts a franchise working with another franchise its perfect to show off each brand in a new light. The Godfather is a high respected serious of films and had a wide range of merchandise adding this is another product a die hard fan can enjoy.

Monopoly has a wide range of eddition from other hit movies like James bond or Disney hit Brave. But also FMCG brands like coca-cola or bands AC-DC or tv shows like Faimley guy and The Simpsons. Its great, but also cities and counties like New York and Las Vagas but closer to home there is a lot :- Bath, Bristol, Coventry, Ipswichm Kingston upon hull, Norwich, Plymouth, York, Wigan, Kent, Yorkshire… and many more.

This is great for local trade, the people that live locally find out attractions in a new context.