Hidden meaning

A new Danish coca-cola cainpain is showing off the Danish side to the original coca-cola logo. When looking carefully at the logo you can make out a flag, well sort off..

Well it’s a little novelty and it works, connects the people to the brand more. Another case of this is the no7 on jack Daniels, the marketing team has done a good job of keeping this part of the brand a mystery giving the customer a sense of what does it mean?? They want to solve the questions to the story behind the No7. My theory is simple it’s the 7th batch.

My last example of this is cadburys with ‘glass and a half’ and if you ever go to Cadbury land in Bournville they will show you in a childlike show of the story of the first dairy milk bar. It’s fun having a story behind a product gives a scene of exploration, connection between consumer and understanding of the brand.

I think that’s what’s missing from big mainstream brands, it the stories and people that make a brand not just how convenient it is.

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