The new age of messageing.. is SMS MMS over network providers dieing out?

Reading a recent article from The next web, all about Line a free messaging app that was created in japan has now surpassed 150 million downloads. Now reaching into Spanish and Latin America it begs to question with Asian being such a big market will apps like these become mainstream in western culture.

We see everyday apps like Whatsapp also a free messaging service to let blackberry users talk to iPhone users free. Also the widely used iMessage from Apple, but whats next. Line lets users text and call each other for free but also share other graphics called ‘stickers’ that show the persons emotions in a new light.

Facebook, the biggest player in the western world for messaging, there new Home user interface on Android but also their new messaging service where people can send images, documents, stickers, emotions and video chat (desktop only) but its only time till you will be about to call people through Facebook with VOIP.

Communications are always going to be a touch and go area because many services haven’t got it right, Skype was/is?? a good platform it just didn’t get its model right it is focused on B2B but what about the next generation, what will they use and will it take out Skype. Facebook model is good because now with new types of adverting models it can place an add within a persons content.


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