Networking at Glastonbury

EE the first UK 4G provider is going to be fully supporting Glastonbury this year. This partnership is perfect on a number of levels. First being that the target audience is perfect, 18+ to take up a new contact, but they are the mostly likely to be early adopters of this new tech, the digital native genration always wanting data quicker. Even if its just a instagram photos or a news feed.


Photo All rights reserved by (sarah2066)

EE has the best opportunity to savour the moment, as they are the only 4G provider why not milk this event. If they celebrate sharing the experience in a realtime situation this will have long term positives. If the product is good, lets say people can upload photos, download video content quicker they will share this. EE just needs to get the sharing right, an idea I had is that people can check in on their phones (lets say Facebook with Foursquare) that they are charging their phones at the EE stand. This also solves the problem that they need to charge their devices at events like this.

EE has the upper hand, they need to hold it tightly. As soon as O2 also a very large network provider has the bandwidth they will have a large following. Its all about speed, if people can ring, text, update social media, stream video content at affordable pricing this will keep people happy.

The future of network providers, its all about data. How long until we dont need traditional phone networks its all digital. The introduction of VOIP (Voice over IP) like Skype and services like Line I have spoken about here, all is needed is data plans, however the likes of O2, three, EE.. need want income profit so they will try keep hold of these additional costs.

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