3D the next step for every industry?

When visiting JWT in London a number of months of a book release of Pioneers of digital by a lecturer at my university, really worth checking out here. Within the very modern reception i found a 3D printer, just lying there showing that JWT’s future thinking. Shown below. However research their clients, 3D printing at this stage will not effect sales.


What is the next dimension in printing, well it is here and most people want to know is it going to shape the future? The concept that anyone with a cheap 3D printer can download files with the support of CAD programs and then print objects.

The positives of this are amazing where a child’s windpipe was collapsing and stopped him from breathing can be read here. But also pizza in space, a grant given from NASA to (SMRC) with $125,000 (about £ 83,000) to research and implement this future, to give astronoes more options then dry frozen meals. more can be read here and also a diagram how printing a pizza is posable below.

Schematic of SRPC’s 3D printer for food. SRPC

But how about the battlefield, the military is always looking for new technology to cut insufficiency. In an article published this month in the Armed Forces Journal, Lt. Cmdr. Michael Llenza discussed “Instead of actual parts, a ship might carry 3D printers and bags of various powdered ingredients, and simply download the design files needed to print items as necessary.” this can let the troops access equipment to save same and maybe save lives.

Although the cons
The classic key cutter, whats their future when people can copy their keys at home with a simple 3D scanner with a little bit of training.


All rights reserved by wizard23

How about future of toy shops, when people can download lego and print it the day before christmas.


All rights reserved by T E Schlemmer

So we know the future will be interesting for 3D printing, for the early adopters of this technology its will fun and experimental. The material is pretty cheap and also if done currently recycled plastic can be used. Would this bring a new future to recycling taking out the middle man of the local council picking up plastics. But currently the problem still lyes with the size of the object hobbiestis to this new tech can only make things the size of a coffee cup.

However ‘3D printing is now taken seriously by manufacturers as an alternative to cutting, bending, pressing and moulding things’ The Economist. There is a a lot of money to save here and as the technology develops reducing time, labour and waste in manufacturing.

A brands highlight
Brands displays in high populated areas like shopping centres could untilise this cheap technology to give away personalised objects. For example cadburys give away small personalised chocolate with peoples names on (editable or not) or little Google Chrome key rings… big opportunities.

Shoe brands and custom fit, making production more affordable reducing import costs.

Local recycling schemes may open up some potential future stakeholders.

This deveolpment in technoldgy has the protenal to change for good and for worse, governments and businesses are over looking this industry changer. There needs to be regulator to this data or else we will see the same as the music industry.

If Lego set up a 3D website where customers could buy download and print Lego kits straight to their home, how could lego control this data and stop it being sent to other techy parents. however if they broke this item how could you stop further production?

The likely hood is that 3D printers will pop up in local supermarkets, print made to order cheap and affordable on a larger scale.

Below is a video on a Kickstater project – DeltaMaker


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