Where I am and What I want to achieve

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X

Where I am

I am currently at Bucks New University studying ‘Advertising management and Digital Communications’ This coruse has opened my eyes to the very interesting and inspiring industry. The fascinating area of new emerging landscapes that will captivate and change peoples life’s through influencing their decisions.

Stepping stones is how I see now, I am young, fresh and full of ideas. The management and understanding how to utilize them in a constructive manner (usually with lots of research and testing) But one step at a time, have to learn how to walk before I run.

What I want to achieve.

The end goal throughout my life is to work with a brand/company that I completely believe in and have my heart set on. This might be my own business one day, or a simple product i use everyday. As long as theres fire in my heart for that brand I will give my all and them more.

Now in the second year and getting pretty good grades I guess it would be realistic to aim for a 1st in this year and then a 1st in the 3rd year. But as the work gets harder the grades my change, but the work ethic won’t.

Over the summer will be some big stepping stones, BBH Creative agency of last year is where I am to work for. They are such an innovating agency, that likes to be diffrent. There trap line is ‘When the world Zigs, Zag’ which is quite appropriate because I like to be different.

Mindshare is also on the horizon, with some ex-grads that work there now. Also fresh  thinking agency with great ties with the university.

After that 3rd year, that will be a new bowl of fish. Learning the hard way with group work, I have a black book in my mind of who to work with and how to stay away. Next year will next year will be fun, but at the same time challenging. Its going to take an extra step up of what im doing now, more contacts within the industry, more in-depth understanding,  just real understanding with practical application.



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